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There are many great Beatles tribute bands out there playing their hearts out and keeping this great music alive. If you know of a Beatles tribute band that should be listed or want to post a review, please contact me at with a link and description so I can add the band to the listings. If you have other links such as youtube or myspace, please forward those to me and I will include those sites as well. My myspace address is If you'd like, I can also set up a featured band mini-page like this at your request. Please send links to you favorite youtube videos for the band page. I don't charge for advertising, but backlinks are always appreciated. If you are not in a band but want to give a review, drop me a line as well.

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The Cavern Beat

The Cavern Beat

Chicago, IL
Hot Chicago Beatle band specializing in early Beatles. They played regularly at Beatle Brunch Sundays at Dick's Last Resort in downtown Chicago as well as other places in the Chicago area. I've seen them several times and they were fab! They are gaining quite a following, especially in the UK, from their videos on youtube. They've played Liverpool Beatleweek and Abbey Road on the River. [Beatle-fans mini-site] [website] [youtube] [myspace]

1964 The Tribute

Akron, OH
One of the most popular Beatle tribute bands in the world... Twenty years of research and performing have made "1964" masters of their craft. They have been featured on Entertainment Tonight, PM Magazine, CNN, the USA Network, and the Nashville Network. On January 10th, 2003, "1964" performed to a sold out crowd at Carnegie Hall.... a dream come true for both themselves and their fans who came to New York from all over the country for the show. They have since performed at Carnegie Hall every year since then. 1964 has performed at many other such illustrious places such as the famous Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Denver where they outdrew The Beatles by 2000 fans 40 years later. The perfect act for your venue, fair, festival, private, or corporate event. Great band. We saw them a few years back at House of Blues and it was a great show. [website] [myspace]

A Hard Night's Day

Dallas, TX
Internationally renowned Beatles tribute. Hailing from Dallas, Texas, A Hard Night's Day has been spreading the gospel of John, Paul, George and Ringo round the world for 13 years. Drawing from a catalog of over 200 classics and nuggets, you will never see the same show twice! Personally endorsed by The Beatles first manager Alan Williams.[website] [myspace]

Abbey Road Live

Athens, GA
Spotlighting the Studio Years - The Beatles' Abbey Road is often cited as one of the finest rock albums ever recorded. Now, decades after the original album was released, Beatles fans have the chance to hear it performed LIVE, start to finish. An Abbey Road LIVE! show generally consists of a rocking rendition of the late-period Beatles recording, along with a second set of rarely heard Beatles' gems. Pulling material from albums such as Sgt. Pepper, Magical Mystery Tour, and The White Album, the band always delights its audiences with selections from its repertoire of nearly 100 Beatles tunes![website]

American English

Chicago, IL
First rate Beatles band performing early, middle and late Beatles in costume. Their promoter is Sam Leach and they now have a second show that performs a Wings Tribute called Rockshow with Denny Laine and the original Wings horn section. I've seen them do their Beatles show at Abbey Pub and its a great show. I saw them again recently when they played in Evanston Space. They've been together about 20 years and won several battle of the bands at Beatlefest in their early days. They are probably the most entertaining and spot on Beatle bands out there and most certainly the hottest Beatle band that has ever come out of my hometown. Catch them when you can. Again and again.[website] [myspace]


Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Beatle band wearing the Shea jackets and are well known down in South Florida as "The" Beatles Party Band. []

The Backbeats

Los Angeles, CA
The Backbeats, A Beatles Tribute Band, is a Fun filled "Ticket to Ride" back to the 1960's. Playing songs from the beginning to the end of the Beatles career they start with the Mop Top look, dressed in black suits just like what was seen on The Ed Sullivan Show... to Sgt. Pepper... and finally to Abbey Road. [website] [myspace]

Band on the Run

Chicago, IL
Outstanding Wings tribute band. They really rocked the the Battle of the Bands at Beatlefest Chicago! The best McCartney sound-alike I've ever heard.
[website] [myspace]

Because - A Tribute to The Beatles

Sacramento, CA
Because is Northern Californias Premier Beatles Tribute Band. They look, play, sing and move just like the original Fab Four, whisking you away to the 1960s with their extensive set of live Beatles music and their awesome stage show. Whatever the venue, the energy, youthfulness and authenticity of Because recreate the sheer essence of The Beatles. For booking info call 916-474-1773 or email
[Because website] [myspace]

Brit Beat

Chicago, IL
Originating from Chicago, Illinois, BritBeat Beatles Tribute Band has played for numerous festivals, corporations and special events since establishing the band in 2001. BritBeat has researched the Beatles extensively from their American start in 1964 and brings to the stage a superbly authentic and accurate concert as a musical tribute to the Beatles. Their young ages, English accents, along with their musical talents combine for one of the closest re-creations of a Beatles concert that you will find. I've seen them a couple of times at Taste of Polonia in Chicago and they put on a great show. They will be the band playing on the Beatles cruise happening in March 2010
[website] [youtube] [myspace]

The Britins

Milwaukee, WI
On February 9, 1964, America would be introduced to a phenomenon that would ultimately change rock and roll forever. This phenomenon was caused by a group called The Beatles. The Britins have recreated this era in both music and costume. Join The Britins as they play hits from the Fab Four, from "Love Me Do" to "Let It Be". Follow along on a Magical Mystery Tour of sights and sounds through that remarkable era of the 1960's, recreated on authentic Beatles gear. [website] [myspace]


Mount Laurel, NJ
BritishMania invites you to take a memorable trip back to the experience of seeing the Beatles live at such venues as The Cavern Club in Liverpool, The Star Club in Hamburg,The Hollywood Bowl and Budukon Hall in Tokyo Japan. Re-live what is was like to see them using authentic period correct gear and costumes! BritishMania specializes in playing what the Beatles played live themselves! And, imagine if The Beatles performed "Sgt. Pepper" and "A Day in the life" live among many others, with their colorful costumes! Britishmania can perform those hard to reproduce songs on stage faithfully re-creating their "studio years"! [BritishMania website] [reverb nation]

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British Export

Chicago, IL, Seattle, WA
British Export has provided the ultimate Beatles tribute show for over a decade. Originally formed in Chicago, Illinois back in 1994, the band has performed for tens of thousands of fans at some of the most prestigious events in the world. British Export has performed at The Cavern Club in Liverpool, England, Abbey Road Studios in London, The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, South Korea, the Amsterdam Hilton and Comiskey Park in Chicago. [website]

The British Invasion Band

The British Invasion Band is a group of seasoned musicians who entertain by performing the songs of the Beatles, Rolling Stones and many other British invasion era bands. [website] [myspace]

The Eggmen

Austin, TX
Performing together since 1992, The EggMen not only sound like the Beatles, they dress, speak and perform like the Fab Four as well. For their first set, they appear in black suits and Beatle boots reminiscent of the band's early years. The second set brings a costume change to reflect the "tie-dyed and granny glasses" scene of the Beatles' Yellow Submarine era.
[website] [youtube] [myspace]

The Fab Faux Beatles Tribute

The Fab Faux

New York, NY
Bio: The Fab Faux is a musical tribute band performing the works of The Beatles. The group features Will Lee, bassist for Late Show with David Letterman, and Jimmy Vivino, guitarist for Late Night with Conan O'Brien. Other members include Rich Pagano, Frank Agnello, and Jack Petruzzelli. The band is committed to performing live what they feel would be an accurate reproduction of The Beatles' repertoire, often performing material The Beatles never played live. Often, the band is accompanied by a horn section (known as the Hogshead Horns) and a string section (known as the Creme Tangerine Strings) to achieve the proper sound. See the article in Wikipedia [Fab Faux website] [myspace] [Facebook]

Kat's comments: I recently saw The Fab Faux at the Vic in Chicago and let me tell you, this is a band to be seen live. They are an absolutely incredible group of masterful musicians who played the White Album in its entirety, in order, precisely note for note perfect, including Revolution #9, with nothing pre-recorded. It was freaking amazing... and to top it off, Rick Nielsen of Cheap trick joined the show. This show was indeed a treat and they did a meet and greet after the show. I went with my friend Flo and we had a wonderful time. [Here is Flo Eskin's review of the Fab Faux show.]

The Fab Four

Very popular Beatle Tribute band. I've got their first Christmas CD and its pretty fun to hear traditional Christmas tunes to Beatle music. Very creative and the more serious songs go to the trippiest music. How cool is that? [Fab Four website]

The Fab Fourever

Vancouver, British Columbia
The Fab Fourever is a Beatles tribute band that will transport you back in time - to a time they call the sixties. A time when the music was the soundtrack to a generation. Full of that raw energy, witty humor and that undeniable charisma that took the Beatles from the Cavern Club in Liverpool and propelled them into musical icons of a generation, The Fab Fourever rock the night away with the songs of the Beatles. The Fab Fourever perform all the memorable hits from when the Fab Four first invaded America right through to Abbey Road and Let It Be. [myspace]


Instant Karma

Chicago, IL
Unfortunately Instant Karma has disbanded after the untimely passing of their great guitarist Mark Eskin. Instant Karma was a great high-energy John Lennon tribute band headed by Jay Goeppner who has played John Lennon for over 20 years. Instant Karma performed both Beatles and solo John Lennon songs and they put on a great show. Jay is now with The New Invaders, a popular 1960s party band


New York, NY
Liverpool is the long-time Beatlefest house band. I first saw them in 1979. They are an excellent Beatle band and perform group and solo and have a George who plays sitar. They have played with some wonderful musicians at Beatlefest, including Donovan, Laurence Juber, The Rutles, The Quarrymen, Pete Best and many others.

Liverpool Legends

Branson, MO
One of the top Beatles Band in the USA... I haven't seen these guys live yet but they are managed by George's sister, Louise Harrison, and my friend Beatle Bob Dobro plays keyboards with them so they must be great. [website] [calendar] [myspace]

Love Me Do

Staten Island, NY
What is it that makes LOVE ME DO so unique compared to other Beatle Tribute Bands? Their incredible SOUND! Comprised of four veteran musicians, each with a long list of stellar credits, LOVE ME DO re-creates the excitement of The Beatles touring years. Some Tribute Bands start off with a few of the early songs, and then lose the energy and excitement. LOVE ME DO keeps its audiences on their feet from the first song to the last, and in between! Their repertoire contains songs from the first six albums, Please Please Me through Revolver, performed in a fun, fast-paced two hour show! [website] [myspace]

Meet Revolver

"Meet Revolver" is a Beatles Tribute Band formed in the spring of 2005. The Band members are Mitch Tiner (John), Don Hawkins (George),Terry Yeager (Paul), and Bob Briley (Ringo). As a group,They share over 95 years of Professional Experience.They perform a wide selection of Beatles Hits from 1963 to 1966,concluding with the Beatles "Revolver" Album. [website] [myspace]

Meet The Beetles

Chicago, IL
Meet The Beetles represent some of Chicago's finest musicians paying tribute to the greatest band in history. These lads have come from every point on the rock n' roll compass to create a "Beatles Concert Experience", complete with the look, accent, proper instruments, and onstage banter. They are the house band at the Wisconsin Dells and were nice enough to come play at our Here Comes the Sun event up in Rogers Park. I love them! [Meet the Beetles website]

Mojo Filter

Dallas, TX
As a corporate event band, a special event band and wedding reception band, Mojo Filter burst on to the scene in 2009 with their electrifying Beatles Tribute Show. Mojo Filter takes you on a musical journey back to the 1960s. Playing the entire catalogue of Beatle hits from the early days at the Cavern Club in Liverpool to the final live performance on the Apple rooftop in London, Mojo Filter brings the Beatles live experience back! [website] [YouTube] [Facebook]

Rain - The Experience

This may just be the most popular Beatles tribute band in the world. This was the Headliner at Beatleweek Liverpool a the Empire Theatre, the last place the Beatles played in Liverpool. It was a wonderful show. It was a multimedia production, much like the old Beatlemania production from about 20 years ago...but better. They give a snapshot of life in the 60s and show old commercials, newsreels and do some pretty creative stuff. Special thanks to the fab guys at the From Me to You store at Cavern Walks for the tickets. I recently saw them again at Broadway in Chicago and they are absolutely fab-gear. [Rain website]

The Return

Atlanta, GA
The Return truly captures the energy and chemistry of the Fab Four. With authentic stage gear, suits, boots, mop tops, and a set list packed full of #1 hits, their exciting performance will sweep you back to 1964 when the Beatles invaded America. With their witty Beatlesque banter, and voices that harmonize wonderfully, they always get the crowd up on their feet dancing and singing along. [The return website]

sgt peppers band

Sgt. Peppers Beatles Tribute Band

Los Angeles, CA
Sgt. Peppers is a Los Angeles, CA Beatles tribute band performing all your favorite Beatles songs. You will feel the magic of the Beatles music, as Sgt. Peppers performs dressed up in the famous Sgt. Peppers outfits, the Ed Sullivan show black suits and the Abbey Road clothing. Sgt Peppers membersí musicianship is directed to get to as close as possible to what a Beatles presentation should have sounded like all those years ago! You will be dancing and singing along in no time! [website]

Strawberry Fields Forever

Chicago, IL
Featuring James Paul Lynch as John Lennon and Chris Getsla as Paul McCartney, Strawberry Fields Forever is a Chicago-based tribute to the music of John Lennon and Paul McCartney. "Imagine" that John and Paul got back together in the late 70s and formed their own "Band on the Run" to perform their greatest hits - Beatles, Wings, solo Lennon. [website] [MySpace] [Facebook]


Woodstock, IL
Stockwood is the world's youngest Beatle tribute band. They have won the Battle of the Bands at Chicago's Fest for Beatles Fans for the past two years. They are adorable. [website]


Dallas, TX
"DFW's Newest and Most Exciting Beatles Tribute Band!
Specializing in the early (1962-1966) period, Ticket2Ride captures the spirit and intensity that marked The Beatles live performances. The music really means something to the members, and they play with the excellence and attention to detail demanded by the discriminating Beatles fan. "When we get tired of it, we'll stop - rather than just go through the motions" says the Pseudo Paul. Authentic instrumentation, clothing, attitudes, and accents (All Together Now) make Ticket2Ride a new and exciting option for Beatlemaniacs everywhere!!"

The WannaBeatles

Nashville, TN
The WannaBeatles have been playing to standing ovations in the Nashville area. Our credits include appearances at The Tennessee Performing Arts Center, The Fab Four Festival, The Music City Bowl, and Riverfront Park. We have performed along side such artists as Wynonna Judd, Phil Keaggy, and Jonny Lang. The WannaBeatles recently made the news with a rooftop performance to celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Beatles' final concert. website, myspace, Facebook and youtube links

h Gig Salad

Parody Beatle Bands

The Punkles

Beatle wig band that performs Beatle songs punk style. The Beatles meet the Ramones. Very entertaining. [website] [youtube]


Heavy metal Beatles / Metallica band. They have an album out called Sgt. Hetfield's Motor Breath Pub Band. [website] [myspace]

The Yellow Submorons

Chicago, IL
The Yellow SubMorons are a tribute to the Rutles. The Rutles are a parody of the Beatles. In clever way Beatle tunes such as Help! become Rutle tunes like Ouch! The Yellow SubMorons like to make the audience a part of the show, and crowds seem to like being a part. The band has thrown / passed out from the stage: bubbles, kazoos, beach balls, party favors, and cheese. Together, the band and the fans make a Yellow SubMorons show like no other... ...well, at least definitely wackier than the others. Itís all about having fun. Itís all about being a little silly. Itís all about the Rutles. [website]

The Zombeatles

Madison, WI
Check these guys out on youtube. I first heard their song "Eight Brains a Week" on Halloween and I was hooked. I can't wait to see them at the Abbey Pub in Chicago 2/06/10. The Zombeatles are a zombie parody version of the The Beatles. Stemming from Madison, Wisconsin band The Gomers, the group's 2006 video Hard Day's Night Of The Living Dead gained international status when horror film director and musician Rob Zombie chose it as one of his top YouTube Halloween video picks of 2007, resulting in over a million views worldwide. In 2009 they released an album called Meat the Zombeatles and a mockumentary called The Zombeatles: All You Need Is Brains. [website] [Facebook] [blogspot]

Sitar Band

Sandalwood Sitar Music Ensemble

Oak Park, IL
Sandalwood is a professional musicians of Indian classical music who have been performing around the Chicago area for a number of years. They play Beatle music in traditional Indian style. I've seen them play at Khyber Pass, an Indian restaurant in Oak Park and also at the Brenden Hedges Old Town School of Folk Music concert and put on the first Harrison on Harrison festival in Oak Park in Fall 2008. Clar and GiGi also have a really cool store in Oak Park called Wonderwall where they sell sitars, ukeleles and belly dancing and Beatles stuff.[website]

Listings of Beatle Bands

Beatles Tribute Fanz

A myspace place with a calendar posted in the blog weekly where many of the Beatle tribute bands gigs are listed. This is the most comprehensive Beatle calendar I have found on the web that lists just about all the major Beatle Bands. Subscribe to the blog to get regular updates. [myspace]

Google directory of Beatle tribute bands

Here is what a Google search comes up with for the US. [website]

WXRT Breakfast With The Beatles (Terri Hemmert)

Chicago's longest running and most popular Beatles show! Terri Hemmert, named "Chicago's #1 Beatles Fan and foremost authority on the Fab Four" by Robert Feder of the Chicago Sun-Times, serves up all things Beatles - from rarities to covers to interviews to the hits. Sunday mornings at 8am 93.1 WXRT Chicago.... Look for a weekly online calendar of Beatle tribute band gigs within the Chicago area. Everybody loves Aunt Terri and we are all looking forward to seeing her when she hosts Beatlefest every year in Chicago. [website]

The Word is Love

Extensive lising of Beatle bands

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