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The Beatles
The Beatles - Here There and Everywhere

by Michael Monahan

Now that I think of it - it's like this every three years or so - suddenly, there's a rash of Beatles related music news - and it reminds me just how remarkable they were when I see that they are still not only viable all these years later - but in fact continue to groom new, younger listeners into life long fans.

First, the CD Instant Karma - The Amnesty International Campaign to Save Darfur. The two disc, twenty three song release includes some very good remakes of John Lennon tunes done by a very wide variety of artists, most from the alternative music realm but not all. A few of my favorite tracks include Instant Karma by U2, #9 Dream by R.E.M., Gimme Some Truth, which features two famous sons - Jacob Dylan and Dhani Harrison, Isolation by Snow Patrol, Working Class Hero by Green Day and Grow Old With Me by Postal Service.

At the same time, Across the Universe - the soundtrack to the movie of the same name is also available. Most of the songs on this issue are performed by the actors from the film, and they do a fine job - but the highlights are Bono's I Am The Walrus and Come Together by Joe Cocker (nobody has ever covered Beatles songs better than Cocker - whose performance of With A Little Help From My Friends at Woodstock catapulted him to an elevated level of fame as soon as the Woodstock film was released).

I'll be adding a few tracks from these releases over the coming days - Bono’s track is already playing. I haven’t seen the film yet, but the customer reviews I've read were all amazing - and again I had to marvel at the posting by two 11 year old girls who just seemed beside themselves for having discovered the Beatles for the first time. It really does continue to give me a renewed sense of gratitude for having been around to see it the first time.

Beatles Still Headline News

by Michael Monahan

Even though it has been 38 years since the Beatles recorded together as a group, they continue to generate news and headlines in one way or another.

First of all - Paul McCartney has announced that negotiations to make the Beatles studio recordings available online are nearly finalized.This rumor has had legs since the early part of 2007 - and now looks like it will be a reality by spring of 2008. The timing of which means it will coincide with the 2008 Capitol of Culture ceremonies planned for the city of Liverpool.

Speaking of which, there is a new place to stay in town if you decide to make a trek to see the birthplace of the Beatles - A Hard Days Night Hotel - a completely Beatles themed experience that includes not only a bar and restaurant, but also themed rooms (including two top dollar suites - a John Lennon room complete with an all white piano, and a McCartney suite that includes a suit of armor). The dwelling looks top notch, and is located adjacent to the Cavern Club in a part of town that is now known as "the Beatles quarter." The hotel is covered in artwork depicting the band from various periods of their history.

Go here to take a look at the hotel and some of its features.

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