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Probably the World's Most Expensive Hair

Louise Forrest

One day, in 1965, famous United Kingdom-based hairdresser Betty Glasow received an unexpected present from one of her famous clients then, legendary pop music icon and former The Beatles' front liner John Lennon. The gift was given not for any occasion but for goodwill. It was one of Ms Glasow's most priced possessions. The present was nothing very extravagant and costly that time. It was a book entitled 'A Spaniard in the Works'. Interestingly, what set the book different was the fact that there was a handwriting encryption at the initial page, a dedication: "To Betty, lots of love and hair".

Along with the note within the book of course, is a hair lock cut from Lennon's. The hair was evidently from the famous star's popular and well followed moptop-style hair cut. During that time, Ms Glasow did not think that the simple gift would soon be among the world's most expensive auctioned memorabilia material. About 42 years after, the gift has been auctioned and was able to successfully emerge as a very high-priced Lennon memorabilia.

In December 12, 2007, Ms Glasow was able to successfully auctioneer Lennon's hair lock along with some of her most priced Beatles memorabilia to the adoring public. No one thought she would be wiling to sell such an outstanding material for die-hard fans. But during that sale transaction, the simple Lennon gift exceeded market initial forecast for its pricing by more than a whopping six times.

Some of the most popular items auctioned by Ms Glasow were autographed photos of Lennon and other Beatles members), personal communications, long-playing albums and so much more. But that particular hair present particularly became the highlight of the novelty sale.

Originally, the lock of hair from Lennon was estimated to be auctioned at about $4,000 to $6,000. But at the auction proper, a bidder, who transacted via phone, agreed to buy the material for a whopping $48,000. The buyer, whose identity has been kept in full confidentiality, was said to be an opulent hippie. By that, many people branded the buyer as a frivolous spender. Imagine spending that significant amount of money for a bundle of hair. But that is John Lennon's hair.

The event marked how hair of celebrities and icons could be considered as expensive collectors' items. In the third quarter of 2007, Latin American dictator Che Guevara's hair lock, consisting of about 100 hair strands was auctioned and sold in Dallas for 100 grand. That same auctioneering venue facilitated for the sale of Abe Lincoln's lock of hair for $21,510. In other venues, France's King Louis XVI's hair lock was auctioned and disposed at $5,000 in 1998. And lastly, who would even forget how the strands of Britney Spear's hair was put up for sale in popular online shopping site eBay for as high as a million dollars.

Hair can tell a lot of stories. Relics of saints in the past were almost all made up of hair strands. Some people just want to collect hair strands from their idols so they could feel as if the icon would always be on their side.

About the Author - Louise Forrest

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