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Las Vegas Showtime!

by Ruth Seebeck

Las Vegas: bright lights, non-stop entertainment, warm weather (we were there in March when it's snowing in PA). Let me tell you about the shows we saw, starting with an awesome production of Mama Mia at Mandalay Bay. The staging was very clever, and the high-energy cast was totally entertaining. Combined with Abba's great music, it was an evening to remember. I'm still humming the songs! It was even better because we were able to get discounted tickets (more on that later).

Cirque du Soleil's 'Love' at the Mirage -- a 60's experience set to Beatle's music -- was another outstanding evening! This Cirque is more story that circus, and the audience get involved as a part of 'Under the Sea'! Just the music is enough to set your heart singing. The characters are wonderful, especially the waif who just wants to be loved. They've even choreographed spots for the beloved VW Beetle! Be sure to plan w-a-y ahead for tickets to any of the Cirque du Soleil shows. Most are booked months, or even a year or more, in advance. The concensus seems to be that Mystere is the best, but any of them provide a breathtaking evening!

For the rest of our time, we preferred less expensive, but no less entertaining, shows. Two favorites were The Fab Four at Aladdin and the Platters, Coasters & Drifters Show at the Sahara. (Can you tell we're 60's kids?) Their production was so high-energy and entertaining, we were lovin' it! These guys and gals are at least in their 60's and they still put on a rockin' show! (If you've paid general admission, slip a tip to the major domo at the door to get up-front seating without being packed into a sardine-table sideways to the stage. We gave him $20 and were front-row center in the cushy seats!)

The Fab Four took us back to the Ed Sullivan shows of the mid-60's. We were seated next to an English couple who collect Beatle's memorabilia. They were lovin' it as well and they had seen the original Beatles several times in England. Close your eyes and John, Paul, George and Ringo are right there with you! Costumes, mannerisms, and music were as close to the real thing as you can get. And their performance is live, not sound-tracked.

We also grabbed a magic show and The Rat Pack at the Greek Isles. The hotel is one of the last original Vegas venues, so it's a bit rundown, but the shows were entertaining. Joey Bishop's character was hilarious, and 'Frank' had the voice nailed for Ole Blue Eye's songs.

Now, let's talk tickets. A Google search for 'Vegas entertainment' or 'Vegas discount show tickets' will lead you to several sites for pre-booking and discounts. We saved $80 on Mama Mia; the Rat Pack was less than $25 for two. Some of the sites are sponsored by time-share companies. If you want to listen to their spiel, you can get free or deeply-discounted seats to a lot of performances. Having been that route, we said we didn't want to participate in the presentation, but their operator still offered us good discounts to several shows.

If you haven't time to plan ahead, talk to the Concierge at your hotel. They often have special rates on shows and other entertainment. Shopping around can net you some great entertainment at reasonable rates. Except, of course, Cirque du Soleil the-price-is-the-price for their performances. So start planning and enjoy your Vegas vacation more than ever before.

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