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To: Peace Arch Entertainment

Regarding the film currently in production under the title of "Chapter 27," we, the undersigned, are firmly opposed to its release. This film purports to document the life of Mark David Chapman in the days leading up to his infamous murder of John Lennon. We find the possible "angles" of this film neither educational nor entertaining. Instead, this film diminishes the horror of Lennon's brutal murder and sadistically shifts the historical focus from his career to his assassination.

Most importantly, it fulfills Chapman's own prophecy of becoming famous through murdering Lennon.

While it may be argued that Chapman has already achieved that fame through the media following the murder, his character's extension into the entertainment arts is a new level of victory for the fame-seeking assassinator. Movie protagonists, despite how darkly or despicably they are portrayed, are always transformed into somewhat sympathetic subjects by the power of cinema. The casting decisions for this film, so far revealed as Jared Leto and Lindsay Lohan, further its appeal as a trendy piece of cinema carved out for the new American generation, rather than what it really is: a final prize for a criminal mind.

We hereby boycott "Chapter 27."


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