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New DVD - Desparately Seeking Paul McCartney
the story of Ruth Anson

“Desperately Seeking Paul McCartney,” DVD Release Date, Tuesday, September 2, 2008.

For Immediate Release For review copies and more info contact: Marcia N. Groff 310-310-3973
August 27, 2008;
Hollywood, CA…“Desperately Seeking Paul McCartney” will be released by MVD Visual on Tuesday, September 2, 2008.
The comedy documentary is the story of Ruth Anson, who interviewed The Beatles at Capitol Records in Hollywood, as a teenage reporter for KABC-TV in 1965.
During the interview Ruth asked Paul McCartney if he had any plans for marriage. His on camera response was…“Only if you’ll marry me.” More than forty years later, now married, a mother and a college professor, Ruth contemplates, “What if I had said, yes?”
Ruth goes to a screenwriting pitch session and tells her story to a panel of professionals. An opportunistic and nefarious director/producer, Marc Cushman, decides to take on the project.
In the spirit of reality TV, Cushman has his crew follow Ruth as she goes in search of her former ‘fiancée.’ However, there are many obstacles. Former interviewees will not agree to be on camera. A McCartney impersonator thinks she’s delusional. Cushman’s psychiatrist convinced both are crazy, stops returning phone calls. A fashion expert tries to glam Ruth up, with disastrous results. And, when the team has to crash the Grammy’s, where they know McCartney will be in attendance, Cushman supplies them with fake press badges. Faced with mounting production costs and unable to establish contact with Sir Paul, Cushman is forced to shift the focus of the film. He decides to embarrass and manipulate Ruth by staging and filming an intervention with her unsupportive family. But in the eleventh hour, a ‘larger than life’ character comes to Ruth’s rescue.
A bonus feature of the release includes twelve Beatle-like songs. Award-winning actor/singer/songwriter Alan Bernhoft provided five songs for the motion picture soundtrack, including the centerpiece track, “Magic Everywhere.” Bernhoft has performed in numerous Beatle tribute shows, portraying John Lennon, and in 2006 was named ‘Artist of the Year’ by the Evolving Artist Network. “Dear Paul,” another song prominently featured in the film was written by Marc Cushman and Jeff Toczynski. Toczynski, a Paul McCartney impersonator, sings the song in the movie and performs with his Beatles tribute band, Ticket to Ride, as Paul McCartney.
“Desperately Seeking Paul McCartney” screened at the 1st Annual Fallbrook Film Festival and won the audience favorite award at the 2008 Mockfest Film Festival in Hollywood. It is also an Official Selection for this year’s Montana Independent Film Festival and Big Bear International Film Festival.

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