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The Beatles were an English musical group from Liverpool whose members were John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. They are one of the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed bands in the history of popular music. [Read full bio at Wikipedia]

Articles About The Beatles

It's Not Like It Was Before: Some Post-Fab Socializing and Near-Reunions

Book Excerpt (Chapter 32) of Fab Four FAQ2 by Robert Rodriquez All of the available evidence suggests that the last time all four Beatles were together in one place was on August 20, 1969; the occasion as to oversee the final mixes of Abbey Road. From that point onward, three ex-Fabs at most would gather at any one time (notwithstanding the hoax that all four reunited in secret for a November 1976 recording session). Though they eventually resumed cordial relations, the split's effect of generating four separate careers made even casual get-togethers difficult.

Of course, each would assist another on recording projects from their breakup onward, but only once were three of them in the studio simultaneously-for the recording of John's "I'm the Greatest" during the Ringo sessions-and even that was a bit of a fluke. All four seemed to possess a certain self-consciousness about "Beatling" together that kept them from being as close as they otherwise might have been, given the enormous weight of expectations that came from being former Fabs. [Read excerpt]

The Beatles White Album 40 Years Later

By Johnny Moon

The Beatles' only double album (The White Album) was released 40 years ago this year (in 1968.) How does it sound 40 years later? [Read article]

The Beatles Top Psychedelic Tracks

By Marvin Markus/i>

I'm the type of Beatles fan that appreciates all of their music but I do have do have a special appreciation for their more psychedelic songs. And that's what this article is all about, the best five psychedelic songs of The Beatles in no particular order.[Read article]

The Beatles, Donovan and India

By Andreas Walstad

Many Beatles fans are unaware of the great impact British folk-singer and guitarist Donovan (Donovan Philips Leitch) had on the Beatles and their music in 1968. [Read article]

The People Under the Stairs

by Henriette Moustakis

If I were to describe what Beatlefest means to me and the reason I still go after all these years, it would be the PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS. No, I am not referring to a terribly made horror flick. I am referring to the unknown individuals that patron the area under the lobby stairs at the Hyatt Regency OíHare. But, Iím jumping ahead. I must start from the beginning. [Read article]

Movie Review: Across the Universe

by Tina Wheeler

Whether or not you will enjoy this movie depends mainly on your tastes, and your stomach for musicals. Because that is really what this film is: A Beatles musical. [Read article]

Las Vegas Showtime!

by Ruth Seebeck

Cirque du Soleil's 'Love' at the Mirage -- a 60's experience set to Beatle's music -- was another outstanding evening! This Cirque is more story that circus, and the audience get involved as a part of 'Under the Sea'! Just the music is enough to set your heart singing. The characters are wonderful, especially the waif who just wants to be loved. They've even choreographed spots for the beloved VW Beetle! [Read article]

The Beatles are the Most Creative Band of All Time

by Peter Cross

The Beatles phenomenon went way beyond any kind of stardom that had ever been seen before because of their creative songwriting abilities, their musical abilities and their charismatic personalities. [Read article]

The Beatles - Here There and Everywhere

by Michael Monahan

Now that I think of it - it's like this every three years or so - suddenly, there's a rash of Beatles related music news - and it reminds me just how remarkable they were when I see that they are still not only viable all these years later - but in fact continue to groom new, younger listeners into life long fans. [Read article]

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